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Chana Briggs Bobo
Chana Briggs Bobo
The mission of the BOBO Root Cellar is to assist the descendants of the BEAUBEAU, BABEAU, BAUBEAU, BABAU, BOBO family from France to America in tracing their roots and establishing their family tree by a sharing of genealogical and family history information.

The Bobo Root Cellar is a collection of material from various sources. Some material is based on research and reference documents and some is based on information provided by other researchers, which may or may not be proven by accepted genealogical research standards. These web pages is an attempt to bring a collection of material together as a basis for additional research.

The material found here is the work of many Bobo researchers that have submitted their research to either Robert "Bob" Gordon Bobo (1937 - 2006) or Louise Brockway Thedford administrator of this site. Bob was the "Root Tender" of the Spencer Bobo line son of Gabriel & Elizabeth Spencer Bobo. While Louise was the "Root Tender" of Gabriel II & Elizabeth Garner Bobo line.

After Bob's passing in May 2006, Louise was asked if she would take over Bob's research and continue to keep it active and available for the Bobo researchers. She willing excepted the challenge; it more than doubled her database. The Spencer line has been a challenging one for her, but she has managed to keep it going and up to date when new information is submitted to her.

At the top of each persons individual page is a tab labeled "Suggest." This tab is a drop down box that allows you to enter corrections or additional data about that person which is sent to me with a link back to that person. This makes it easier for me to edit that persons file. Please use this tab when you have an addition or correction.

Permission is granted to quote or use the material in personal research or in preparing material for published work by a Bobo family researcher. Please give credit for material, other than your own.

PERMISSION IS NOT GIVEN neither to upload this material to other Internet sites nor to upload this material to Internet databases without the specific written permission by the author identified in the web site. This material may not be uploaded to commercial sites or for sale.

Cross Keys House

Cross Keys House

The Cross Keys House located at milestone 67 (from Columbia) on the Old Buncombe Road is an imposing structure built between 1812 and 1814 by Barrum (Barham) Bobo. The original property included 300 acres granted to Willis Bobo, which he later sold to Barrum. The house was the first brick structure in the area, the bricks made on the property by slaves. An earthquake in 1886 caused the collapse of the front wall of the house and was reconstructed in a different style from the original Flemish bond.

The house and its furnishings were passed down through several generations of allied families until John D. Long III, a descendant of Solomon Bobo, sold 283 acres in 1993 which included the family burial plot. The furnishings were sold at auction in 1994 and the house and remaining 17 acres were sold later that same year.

The Cross Keys House was, for a short period, used as a carriage stop and occasionally accommodated overnight guests. A plaque was erected commemorating the brief visit of Jefferson Davis on 30 April 1865 as he and his military escort, pursued by Union troops, fled from Richmond. All subsequent owners of the house proudly displayed the dinnerware on which Davis and his entourage lunched in the dining room.

Now an Early American Living History Site, including an Antebellum Log Cabin, Blacksmith Shop, Barn and Carriage House. It was lived in by Bobo descendants until 1995 but in 2006 was acquired by the Union County Historical Society. It is open for tour on Saturday Noon - 5 PM and other times by appointment. It hosts a Living History Event the last weekend of April each year attended by numerous visitors including Bobo descendants, a large number of which come from as far as Texas.

Bobo Coat of Arms
Bobo Family Crest

The motto “JE NE CHANGE QU’EN MOURANT” is interpreted, “I change but in death”

A painting of the Bobo Coat of Arms that hung in the home of Miss Fannie Lee SPARKS, a BOBO cousin, in Union, SC, is the only non-commercial reproduction of a coat of arms of which I am aware, writes Bob BOBO, former BFA Database Coordinator. Until her death on Christmas day 1993, Miss Fannie was an active member of the Union County, SC, Genealogical Society and a regular contributor to several of the historical and genealogical publications in South Carolina. She was a niece of Claude Ezell SPARKS, author of “History of Padgett’s Creek Baptist Church.”

The rendition above contains the same elements and was supplied by Betty BOBO NIEMAN of Texas, a family researcher. This copy came from a commercial lithographer Lacy Levarne Bobo who is another Bobo cousin. While the artists’ rendition of these is different, the elements are the same.

I think we all have seen other renditions of the BOBO Coat of Arms. I have three different versions of the artwork and all are different. I have found only the one above from two different sources. In recent research of heraldic material, we have found a reference to this crest by the noted armorial researcher J. B. REITSTAP. He describes the coat of arms and translates the motto, which is the same as the interpretation we have given it. Reitstap also makes reference to a BERTRAM de VERDUN, who came with William the Conqueror from Normandy to England and became King William I of England. REITSTAP refers to this man as Bertram BOBO in his interpretation of his name BERTRAM de BEAUX. We seek additional information on this material. In my prior research of nobility in France, I have not found the BOBO family listed. Coats of arms are not issued to complete families, but rather to an individual and can be passed on to other individuals only under specific rules.

But I continue to get questions about the "BOBO Coat of Arms. "I have even been seen copies of a piece of artwork published in one of the BOBO genealogy book. If anyone has proof of this piece of heraldry, please let me know.

Following is one of the latest bits of misinformation I have received. Read it and have a laugh. I toyed with the prospect of ordering this and adding it to my collection, since it is very different from the others. -- Chuck BOBO.)

Bobo Coat of Arms - The history of this ancient Sardenia family traces its ancestry as a family of Italian origin before the year 1100 and appears first in the ancient records in Sardinia. This completely researched parchment history of the BOBO family not only includes in full colour the most ancient family name Coat of Arms but traces the surname origin forward from the 11th or 12th century. This beautifully detailed history includes the BOBO nobles and titles, the family castles, estates and manors, the battles, wars and feuds they overcame, the branches as they formed throughout Europe, pioneers and settler's and also the notables of this distinguished family who lived during this century.

Learn more about the BOBO family in this 1700 word beautifully illuminated parchment of this great distinguished family. These parchment scrolls are also recommended as a guide or roadmap of where the family held branches during the centuries for family historians or genealogists.

(EDITOR'S NOTE -- That was the pitch for still another outfit selling BOBO Coats-of-Arms. When you see an offer to sell one of these, read it with a bit of apprehension. If you do yield to temptation and buy one, send me a copy. I have yielded to temptation and ordered more material from Reitstap, since the crest he describes matches the one we have. We might have a special issue of The BOBO Roots-Cellar one of these days with nothing but the variety of coats of arms and the stories accompanying them.

All of this said, I had a conversation recently with an Italian who married a cousin of ours and they now live in Italy. He tells me that the BOBO and ORSINI families in Sardenia and Italy were parts of the greater SAVOIE family. This stirs more interest on my part since we have discovered that Pope Celestine III was named Hyacinth BOBO and his brother Ursus BOBO was supposed to have taken the BOBO name to France.

I have material in Italian on the BOBO-ORSINI family in Italy, which I hope to have translated at some time by our Italian cousin who currently lives in Italy.

This leads to research on our French heritage by Robert G. (Bob) BOBO in the following pages. Bob was the BFA Database Coordinator and one of our leading researchers until his death. -- Chuck BOBO.

Latest News
22 September 2013 --- I am completing a book on Robert E. Bobo, the Coahoma County, Mississippi, bear hunter who died in 1902. I would like to put more family information in it than I have, but I can't get beyond his two sons when I check out I know he has descendants in Clarksdale. Does anyone reading this have a family tree of that line of Bobo's down to the present day that I could look at? Thanks, James McCafferty

If anyone can help James please leave a comment here and I will put you in touch with him.

27 Jan. 2011 ---- Fellow Bobo Family Researchers, Melanie Nolan sent this information to me and I will share with the rest of you.

"Exciting news! Colonial Dames of the Seventeenth Century has approved my supplement applications on Gabriel Bobo and William Spencer (father of Elizabeth Spencer White Bobo).

My next step is to send a supplement application on Elizabeth since her deed of land to her sons by James White says that she was left the land in the will of her father of King and Queen County, VA, so that would make her a land owner in the 17th century.

This is because she received the land before 1701 when King William County, VA was formed and the land fell into that county.

Anyone wishing to join CDXVIIC or send a supplement on either Gabriel or William can obtain a copy of my applications from CDXVIIC"

Melanie Nolan
Please use the "Contact Us" section to obtain Malanie e-mail.

26 Oct. 2010 --- Fellow Bobo Family Researchers, Shannon Gorman need your help??

I am submitting an application to the DAR for my mother to Patriot Lewis Bobo through his daughter Abigail.

If anyone has a copy of the land deed described in the following post, it would be greatly appreciated.

"In 1796, Lewis & Sarah Bobo conveyed a 100 acre tract to John Cooper for the consideration of 50 pounds Sterling. One of the witnesses to the deed was a Samuel Simpson. [Union Dist., SC Deed Book G, pages 287-289]"

I have a copy of the Lewis Bobo Will, and I have the divorce case in which Abigail Cooper testifies on behalf of her daughter, Catherine Cooper Oliver.

And I have all the information I need from Catherine marrying Rodolphus Willoughby on down.

If anyone has anything else to add, please send it to me so it can be recorded as part of the application.

I did find a very interesting deed, in which John Cooper obtained land under the Treaty of the Dancing Rabbit, if anyone is interested in that kind of thing.

I cannot find any record of Abigail Bobo Cooper after the trial, she disappears from the records. It is assumed she died because John Cooper is still in Marion County records until after 1855.

If you can help Shannon, please leave a "Comment" below at "Contact US" and we will put you in touch with Shannon.

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